I am a cat loving, tea drinking, sea dipping, chit chatting, big smiling, mark making, creator of small pictures and large workshops.

I have a little room in the clouds, by the sea in Brighton, which I share with my two studio buddies, Lord Percy and Betty Pebbles. Two very fluffy, very big Norwegian forest cats.

During the past 6 years I have worked as an Atelierista - which is a fancy italian-french word for artist helping kids to use their creative language to make their own big ideas happen.

I have two novelty pop up books published, It's Raining and It's Windy by the famous Tango books.

I have also published a storybook that my friend Chris wrote while under a palm tree in Kerala. It's called Mr Coconut . This is the book I am most proud of because we did it all by ourselves using a kickstarter and the support of 100 friends.

© 2020 by Catherine Grimaldi.

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