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  • What is rug tufting
    Rug tufting is the technique of hand-making rugs by threading loops of yarn in a design onto supportive fabric, usually with the aid of a special “tufting gun.” It comes from the word, “tuft,” meaning to apply a collection of fibers to a base.
  • Why are the classes so expensive
    You will be taught by Catherine who is an experienced and highly skilled artist and teacher. She will help you with all aspects of making a rug including finishing it. The materials Catherine uses are high quality. All of the material costs are included.
  • Do I need to do anything before the session to prepare.
    Yes you will be asked to prepare a 40cmx40cm design which you can either send to Catherine by snail mail or send a to scale image digitally which Catherine will enlarge. Keep it simple.
  • How do I know when the workshops are on?
    There is a booking tab on the site here showing all currently available dates.
  • Where is the workshop and how do I get to it?
    The workshop is based at Robertsons Yard which is very near to Preston Park Railway station. The address is 42a Robertson Road, Brighton, BN1 5NJ We highly recommend you come by public transport as parking is tricky and expensive.
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