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Little Red _ Borthwood .jpg

See this picture of me aged around two clutching a rainbow coloured pack of felt pens for my dear life;

this is where it all began.

I have always coloured stuff in.

I followed my dream and studied Textiles at Central St Martins.

Since then I have worked in schools as an artist, had two  pop up books published and co run a puppet company.

Replacing a felt pen for a tufting gun feels natural. The limitless choice of colour in yarn is exciting.

Finding a way of reducing waste by re-using yarn and waste yarn is an important part of my creative process.

The imagery in my work comes from everywhere. I am particulrly drawn to 1970's graphics and packaging, fuzzy felt, cut out doll kits, Snoopy, ice cream colour palettes, Jean Miro, and a grandeur mix of colour.

Commissions considered

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